Schüco'nun akıllı ev çözümleri ile daha iyi konfor,
güvenlik ve enerji verimliliği

Modüler kapı yönetim sistemi

Bugün, daha iyi yaşam kalitesi Schüco Kapı Kontrol Sistemi (DCS) ile ön kapıda başlıyor. Schüco Kapı Kontrol Sistemi (DCS), kapı iletişimi ve erişim kontrolü için benzersiz bir modüler kapı yönetim sistemidir. Schüco DCS, rahatlık ve güvenliği en son teknoloji ve sofistike tasarımla birleştirir ve ayrıca kullanımı inanılmaz derecede kolaydır.

More automation products for your front door

As an alternative to the Schüco DCS SmartTouch all-in-one solution, individual components of the Schüco Door Control System are also available for your front door. Talk to a Schüco partner in your area.


The Schüco DCS door communication system is a simple and highly effective modular solution to improve security in the entrance area of your home. It not only offers a unique combination of access control and door communication, but can also be conveniently flush-fitted in the door profile. The stylish black glass of the module bar has a fine and discreet character. You can combine individual components such as an illuminated house number with call buttons for one or more parties.


Lost and stolen keys are a thing of the past – with Schüco Fingerprint Easy, you can open your front door with your fingerprint. The biometric fingerprint access system for internal and external doors is extremely simple and convenient to use, and has an elegant, timeless design. The slanted sensor face ensures that finger placement is intuitive. As a further benefit, internal relay contacts provide the system with the best possible defence against sabotage.